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The name's [ mar.γa.'ri.ta ]; University of Maryland 15'. Spanish Linguistics/Literature & Secondary Education. I'll be student teaching this year :)
Poetry readin', tea drinkin' , cupcake bakin' trouble maker. && here is my Spanish Education tag :) or you can enjoy Chico and the girl :)

Meet my favorite hot dog

This Saturday I have an 8 a.m. final for Adolescent Psychology, and I just really wish Saturday School hadn’t ended for the middle schoolers last week. I’d much rather be with them. For closing ceremonies they did a skit on the theme “What would happen without Saturday School?” (it was difficult to convince them to come up with BAD things instead of fun ones) and they made me so proud. And we all got these cute souvenirs and the head of the program took all the teachers out to eat and
the end of the school year always brings mixed feelings, doesn’t it?

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