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The name's [ mar.γa.'ri.ta ]; University of Maryland 15'. Spanish Linguistics/Literature & Secondary Education. I'll be student teaching this year :)
Poetry readin', tea drinkin' , cupcake bakin' trouble maker. && here is my Spanish Education tag :) or you can enjoy Chico and the girl :)

Meet my favorite hot dog

Yes, I Took My Ninth Grader on a College Tour (and It Was Worth It) →

"I think of it this way: For quite a few boys and girls, high school is a chore to be endured. They’re likely to do better if they sense that college is different — it’s a chance to pursue real interests. Think of it in culinary terms. When you take certain children to a restaurant buffet, it’s a good idea to let them walk them past the dessert table; that gives them some incentive to gobble down the broccoli"

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