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The name's [ mar.γa.'ri.ta ]; University of Maryland 15'. Spanish Linguistics/Literature & Secondary Education. Poetry readin', tea drinkin' , cupcake bakin' trouble maker.And here is my Spanish Education tag :) or you can enjoy Chico and the girl :)

I don’t care,  I’ll snapchat you a pin on a board you’re already following!

I don’t care, I’ll snapchat you a pin on a board you’re already following!

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The best friends are drunk friends 💕 @sugarlandrun

The best friends are drunk friends 💕 @sugarlandrun

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Biggies Favorite Things Give Away:

Its give away time! This is my 1K follower celebration, but since being a featured blog that number has quickly changed to 1.7K and growing! Thanks everyone!

One winner will be chosen on August 20th at 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time via number generator. I will make a post at this time notifying the winner, (who I will also message privately). I will also pay for shipping fees.

-ONE reblog counts as ONE entry (you may reblog as many times as you would like). Likes do not count as an entry you must reblog.
-You must be following (this is a give away for followers, after all).
-The winner will have until 12:00 pm August 21st to message me back. If I do not receive a response by then, I will choose a new winner.

Okay, now to the goodies! These are a few of Biggies most favorite things in the world that YOU could win!

-Two ToyShoppe Playables. These are great because they don’t have any stuffing, which Biggie is prone to ripping out, ingesting, throwing up, and then trying to re-ingest all over again. One is a Fox and the other is a Skunk.

-One orange ToysRUs Pets chicken-flavored chew-toy. Biggie can chew on this for hours (his is a green one) and many of you know how Biggie feels about chicken flavor!

-One bag of Chicken Jerky strips from Milo’s Kitchen. These delicious munchies are great for a special treat. They are also free of any artificial flavoring and coloring!

-Two Blue Buffalo dental chew bones. These are super yummy AND good for puppers teeth!

-One Greenies dental chew bone, also super yummy and good for puppers teeth!

-One $10 gift card to PetSmart which also includes a coupon book inside that reaches a value of $60! The coupons range from bird seed to $2 off Fish and Small Animals!

Good luck everyone!

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In 2003, Charlan Nemeth, a professor of psychology at the University of California at Berkeley, divided two hundred and sixty-five female undergraduates into teams of five. She gave all the teams the same problem—“How can traffic congestion be reduced in the San Francisco Bay Area?”—and assigned each team one of three conditions. The first set of teams got the standard brainstorming spiel, including the no-criticism ground rules. Other teams—assigned what Nemeth called the “debate” condition—were told, “Most research and advice suggest that the best way to come up with good solutions is to come up with many solutions. Freewheeling is welcome; don’t be afraid to say anything that comes to mind. However, in addition, most studies suggest that you should debate and even criticize each other’s ideas.” The rest received no further instructions, leaving them free to collaborate however they wanted. All the teams had twenty minutes to come up with as many good solutions as possible.

The results were telling. The brainstorming groups slightly outperformed the groups given no instructions, but teams given the debate condition were the most creative by far. On average, they generated nearly twenty per cent more ideas. And, after the teams disbanded, another interesting result became apparent. Researchers asked each subject individually if she had any more ideas about traffic. The brainstormers and the people given no guidelines produced an average of three additional ideas; the debaters produced seven.

Nemeth’s studies suggest that the ineffectiveness of brainstorming stems from the very thing that Osborn thought was most important. As Nemeth puts it, “While the instruction ‘Do not criticize’ is often cited as the important instruction in brainstorming, this appears to be a counterproductive strategy. Our findings show that debate and criticism do not inhibit ideas but, rather, stimulate them relative to every other condition.” Osborn thought that imagination is inhibited by the merest hint of criticism, but Nemeth’s work and a number of other studies have demonstrated that it can thrive on conflict.


Groupthink: the Brainstorming Myth" by Jonah Lehrer [The New Yorker]

Now that is stupid interesting..

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(via hisnamewasbeanni)

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dannyboy991 asked: You realize that the man you marry (if you choose to marry of course, up to you) will be truly the luckiest man on the face of the earth.



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Running errands ran into nap time

Running errands ran into nap time

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Running errands with this lovely new lip color 💕👄

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Tired after a long play date at the dog park

Tired after a long play date at the dog park

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omg noo at a bar next to a LOUD group

"College Park used to only have hot girls, now there’s only whales"

"Where’d all the hot white girls go"

& they’re talking about some girl and her belly and how they can’t believe anyone had sex with her and how she would ‘break’ any man in half

No para nada, esta es la razon por la cual no puedo salir con blancas. Demasiadas no saben cuando callarse.

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Getting paid and deciding if you really want that new Marc Jacobs bag or if you maybe need to buy your weight in wine for the upcoming year of student teaching and evening classes.

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I don’t think I’ll wear my nails differently ever again.


I don’t think I’ll wear my nails differently ever again.

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